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Our Hum-MMM-us

a bowl of food on a table

Our hum-MMM-us 

In Hebrew, HUMMUS translates to CHICKPEA, one of the earliest legumes cultivated dating back more than 10,000 years (or so they say...). The origins hotly debated but ingredients so simple—chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and salt—that it's hard to believe anyone can claim founder! Due to its minimalist components, the variance in taste lies in HOW it is made. 

What distinguishes the YALLA HUMMUS from the rest ? 

  • NO GARLIC! Yes, you heard us right. We find garlic to overpower the taste so removed it completely.
  • SOURCE QUALITY TAHINI. Be sure to taste for favored flavor and be shy with the amount!  We got your back with the flavorful PRINCE TAHINI base sold here...YALLA! 
  • ADDING A NAVY BEAN (or similar) for depth of texture and flavor